Marino’s Athletic Performance is dedicated to developing elite athletes, making them less susceptible to injury, and helping them reach their peak potential in a fun and energetic environment.

Training Philosophy  

At MAP, our Training is designed with the goal of improving SPORTS PERFORMANCE and ATHLETICISM!

We’re not interested in helping our athletes simply get better at working out.  Our program is designed to improve characteristics that specifically translate to an athletes’ on-field or on-court performance.  

Through results-oriented programming and innovative training methods our athletes get stronger, more explosive, run faster, become more agile, increase flexibility/mobility, enter their season(s) with better stamina and conditioning, and develop sound nutritional habits.

Our System

We incorporate a long-term athletic development model to ensure consistent improvements in our athletes over time.   Consequently, MAP athletes develop a strong foundation in movement quality, overall strength and flexibility, and core strength to help them achieve their genetic potential.

  1. Assessment
  2. A Customized Program Designed Specifically for Each Athlete
  3. Coaching in a Fun, Supportive, Team Environment
  4. Education
  5. Re-Assessment

How Does the Program Work?

To gain acceptance into our program, athletes must complete our Athletic Performance Evaluation, which includes a Functional Movement Screen and Performance Assessment.  

During the assessment, our Coaching Staff will evaluate the athlete’s readiness to train, evaluate movement competency, identify injury risk factors, and collect quantitative measurements to compare improvements in performance over time.

Upon acceptance into the program, MAP athletes receive a customized Training Plan designed specifically to meet them where they are in the development process.  Our Program Design team will take into consideration a variety of factors to ensure long term improvement, including: age, experience, previous and current injuries, areas that need improvement, sport, and season.  

Programs are reviewed and updated daily and a new program is provided approximately every 6 weeks.

Athletes train alongside other like-minded, goal-oriented athletes from a variety of sports.  We have specific times scheduled for High School and Middle School Athletes to ensure that your son/daughter will train alongside his/her peers.  We use a scheduling APP and require that athletes book their appointments in order to encourage self-responsibility.

Training Sessions begin with a 15-minute Group Dynamic Warm-Up, where our Coaches help our athletes work on flexibility, movement quality, and SAQ Drills (Speed, Agility, Quickness).   

The next 30-minutes is spent on Resistance Training.

Athletes complete their session with a 10-minute Metabolic Finisher to work on stamina, work capacity, and overall cardio-respiratory fitness.

The Coach to Athlete Ratio at 1-to-6 to optimize the amount of individual attention each athlete receives.

Athletes complete a Performance Re-Assessment every 12 weeks to gauge improvements in areas that matter to their on-field capability.  

Sports Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition is the most important factor that determines the effectiveness of a Training program.

Our Sports Dietitian provides FREE educational workshops throughout the year on topics specific to young athletes. Our athletes learn about:

  • Pre-Competition Fueling
  • In-Competition Fueling
  • Nutrient Requirements to Improve Recovery from Training
  • Eating to Gain or to Get Leaner
  • How to get Creative on a School Schedule

*Individual Nutrition Coaching is Available.

Injury Prevention

We understand the demands placed on today’s’ young athletes.  The advent of single sport specialization has significantly increased the risks associated with participation.  Compared to a decade ago, athletes have more postural and strength imbalances, are participating in their sport for a greater number of hours per week, and…

Factors that contribute to injuries include:

  • Showing up to Pre-Season Out-of-Shape
  • Failing to build enough Strength in the off-season to support the demands of the sport
  • Training at a level that exceeds the athletes’ current ability
  • Failing to keep up Training In-Season

At MAP, we take injury prevention seriously. We develop Strong Athletes that have superior body awareness, optimal body composition for their sport, above average strength & explosiveness, and provide their coaches with a season-lasting stamina. Our goal at Marino’s Athletic Performance is to bullet-proof our athletes by:

  1. Optimizing Movement Potential
  2.   Increasing Joint Stability
  3. Maximizing Core Strength & Stability
  4.  Improving Overall Strength & Power

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